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Bassetts is unlike any other plumbing and heating company in Northern Ireland in that we offer a full range of technical support services, which can be incredibly useful for creating quotes and cost estimations, as well as providing a range of options when it comes to project specifications.

Whether it’s for a domestic project or a tender for the commercial sector, our team is on hand with all the advice and information you need to devise the best solution depending on your needs and your budget. And if someone can’t help you initially, then our strong working relationships with our suppliers, combined with the resources of our inter-branch system, means we can get back to you with the information you need quickly.

For homeowners…
Our technical support service is accessible through each of our 16 branches across Northern Ireland, so if you need to speak to someone face-to-face, our knowledgeable team are on hand to listen and offer the advice you need to find the most suitable solution.
Our highly experienced team has been successfully providing advice on the most cost-effective technical solutions for more than 30 years, so you can rest assured that the advice you get will be the best you can get. Just let us know what your requirements are.

For commercial projects…
When it comes to larger projects, Bassetts is one of the specialists for the commercial sanitary-ware market in Northern Ireland. In this respect, our team are able to advise on most of the challenges facing construction firms and contractors who have to work with a wide variety of plumbing and heating systems, utilising a range of sanitary-ware. When it comes to choice, quality and pricing, no one is better positioned to help you source the best solution for your needs.

From a simple query on a product specification to advice on pricing for a large-scale tender, our technical team have the advice you need to get your project up-and-running quickly.

Rely on Bassetts to help you assess the best build options.

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